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Chipset for AM3+ Socket

Is there any drawback to having an AM3+ socket with the older 880G/SB710 chipset when using an FX processor? I thought I remembered reading something about needing the newer 900 series chipsets to get the full benefit from the FX line of processors. But I can't remember why or where I read that now.
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  1. 900 series supports both am3/am3+ cpu. So its better and have latest feature.
  2. I had already bought the AM3+/880G/SB710 motherboard for my aging Athlon II X3 455. I was just wondering if the upgrade to an FX processor in the future would be hindered by the older chipset. I'm really interested in the next gen FXs that are coming out this summer. But I don't want to get it if it means another motherboard another Win7 license. (My current Win7 is OEM)
  3. Latest chip have good support for FX and can overclock better than old chip.
  4. I don't overclock. Just game.
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    You still can overclock fx on 880g mobo. As you bought it already then there is no need to worry more. This is a good chip.
  6. Well, its always better to have the latest one to support the chip. However you could be saving money the way you want to do it with the older chipset, and in the future you could get the 900 one if you see that you are not happy with it.
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