Core 2 Quad Q9400 Bottle neck!

Hello! Not sure if im in the right place here.
But basicly Bad Company 2 (Most noticibly in multiplayer) Is being bottle necked by my core 2 quad q9400 Even Oc'ed at 3.00 GHZ! (Stock 2.66)

I know this as The CPU usage on all cores is around 80-90 + Percent. And the GPU hangs around 50-60% most times. Sometiems goes to 80% for very brief moments.

I OC'ed the cpu to 3.00ghz and gained nothing as far as it seems.

Corsair 650W TX (maybe 600 cant remember)
core 2 quad Q9400 @2.666GHZ (Oc'ed 3.000GHZ)
Corsair XMS2 2x2GB 800MHZ (Oc'ed roughly 876MHZ)
9800GT Oc'ed

I know its an old spec. ATM my Laptop runs bad company maxed out (AA 2x) DX11 at around 30-40 FPS!!! (MSI GX660R)

Multiplayer FPS is around 25 - 35 Its playable but i just want it smooth. And so my gpu will run at maximum when gamming!

Will there be any programs/ Software Assosiated with this problem?

Is there a fix? Or is it just my system! Please help. MY GPU never really maxes out gpu usage. Does on crysis though! ;)

Thank for the help!

Also tried running in DX 9 1028x726 res Everything as low as it can go and cpu usage stays at near enough 100 And gpu decreased from 50% to 20% ¬_¬
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  1. The fact its a laptop is going to hurt upgradeability. The q9400 is a bit old, but is not bottlenecking a 9800GT. GPU is probably the place to look to upgrade.
  2. A while ago a did guy a GTX 460. It was pretty much the same story! So i sent it back to the shop. and so im back witht he 9800GT.

    I'm defragging and cleaning the registry etc. Doing alot of cleaning up on my PC in an attempt to clean it up, ad fix this. Also i'm going to download the latest drivers etc!
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