Hey there! it's my first time to ever build a desktop. So, I have an i5 2400 and ASRock H61m U3S3...I ordered for 2x2Gb of memory @1333 but then, later I realized that the one given to me was Kingston Hyper X @1600 @ 1.6v. I know that it has a backward compatibility, but I fear about the voltage.

I've read in some places that it's somewhat dangerous for SB CPUs. So i got into the BIOS and changed the voltage to 1.54v and ran it @ 1333. Did I do the right thing or will it affect my desktop's performance?

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  1. it should be fine
  2. [check the vendors web page and the ram people to see if the ram on there qul list. there not much difference is ram voltage from 1.5 to 1.6 when engineers make specks they make it so that there can be a little wiggler room above or below a speck. you see with the axt power supple speck. i be more worried if the ram not on the qal guild. so that you dont have timing issues or windows corrupting itself over time. (sbe single bit errors).
  3. The RAM won't run @ 1600Mhz because it is an h61 chipset, so run the RAM @ 1333Mhz and 1.5v. That should work. 1.54v won't damage anything either, but most RAM sets will run at 1.5v. My Set rated for 1.65v runs rock solid @ 1.5v
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