Graphics card for around $100?

Hello, I'm looking for a decent graphics card for under $100. I'm not a gamer, but need something decent to power up a 1920x1200 monitor for editing photos and videos and using it for my software development workstation. I would prefer an NVIDIA chipset since they have better driver support for linux and I will be running linux as my host OS and a windows 7 virtual machine.
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  1. A GTX 260 would do everything and run around $100:

    It's hard to find mainstream cards from Nvidia less than that still for sale on line (8800 GT is another good one that will also do everything you need it to).

    Too bad driver support for linux sucks with AMD. I use a Radeon 5450 on the PC I do development on, though it's in a Windows environment. These are decent basic cards and I've seen them as low as $25. It's OK for photoshop and OK for basic video edits and can run a monitor res higher than 1920x1200. But if you know the driver support sucks, don't put up with the hassle.
  2. You can find recommendations for upgrading non-gaming video cards at:

    It provides recommendations on card models and specific video cards at several price points, along with information about performance, so you can select the upgrade that is right for you.

    Have you confirmed that your PSU can handle the cards you are considering?
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