some games wont let me use eax, do Ihave to install the aux line (4 pin molex wire) from the sound card to the motherboard at all? I have the PCI creative x-fi sound blaster.
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  1. No. Use of that connector has nothing to do with EAX working or not. Just make sure your drivers are current and up to date. Same goes for your games.
  2. Most games don't use EAX. Farther, due to changes to Directsound as of Windows Vista, you have to use another utility [Alchemy] that converts Directsound to OpenAL, which can then be processed by the soundcard. This does introduce some problems though.

    Also, whats your exact card? Some X-fi cards [ExtremeAudio] are only EAX 4.0 capable, and thus won't work with the much more used 5.0 standard.
  3. cool thanks. was always looking at the wire my kids have that runs the dvd to their video card. but mine works fine, found out it was the game not my system.
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