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Itunes and windows update installation problems

I am trying to install iTunes on a friends laptop and i'm having problems. Every time I install it I get an error when its gets to the publishing stage of the installation. The error says HRESULT: 0x8007054F. I followed apple supports instructions on trying to completely remove all previous traces of apple software and deleted the temp file. I read that sometimes if windows updates are not installing properly it could cause a problem. I looked at the update log and most of the updates were installed successfully. Windows 7 sp1 was on for a new update but when i tried it, it failed the first time. I downloaded the fix it solution from Microsoft for installer problems. After this it says installed successfully on the log but it never finishes the installation and it keeps coming up as a new update. I also tried re-installing Microsoft Visual C++ because some people said it fixed their problem. It would also not install with error code 1935. I also tried updating to ie9 but it failed with an error code bc9 or b0070bc9. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sounds like your Win 7 install is the problem. Might be time for a clean install.
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