How to enable crossfire with radeon 5770 and AMD A75?


I've just bought a gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H motherboard and am wondering why I can not find an option to enable cross fire in the CCC control panel? Is my Raedon 5770 compatible? I have gone into the bios and enable the settings.

Any help appreciated, thanks.
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  1. The 5770 is not compatible with a Llano IGP for Crossfire. The only cards supported by the Llano IGPs for CF include the 6450, 6570, and 6670.
  2. Ah, so I need to upgrade my video card. :-( Thanks for the reply.
  3. No, the 5770 is far faster than the 6450, 6570, and 6670. It is too fast to be paired with the Llano IGP because the Llano IGPs are too slow to help it. The 5770 is better than 6670 plus an A8's 6550D.
  4. So, Llano IGP are only compatible with some of the 6xxx series, shame. What about future ATI cards or have I been a dummy and bought the wrong motherboard thinking it will last me a few years for gaming?
  5. All onboard video is only able to give BASIC gaming. so dont expect a few years of playing new release games with the IGP

    Keep the 5770 and you will be able to plan new games for a little while. If you want a card to be able to play all new games for the next 3 years or so you will need to increase your budget to $300 - $400 for a graphics card. and get something like a Nvidia GTX 670

    No motherboard will give you high end gaming ability. you need a dedicated card.
  6. Keep in mind that you can still install a strong GPU in your rig, but if you want to CF with the IGP, it must be a 64XX/65XX/66XX series. It is simply a matter of compatible graphics cores.
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