Computer Freezing after Games to Youtube

here's the deal, i've been encountering random freezes since i built this computer.. but this time its making my computer hard freeze everytime i do this pattern of opening programs..
after i play call of duty black ops for 1-4 hours, i go to youtube and check out some vids.. but everytime i do, on the 0:01 mark, my computer gives me a hard freeze. no sound, no bsod, no looping sound.. just a hard freeze.

but before all of this i have been experiencing freezes, from opening skype, to facebook, to youtube, to changing resolutuons on my games.

i've also tried every solution i can find, from updating drivers, updating bios, removing my anti-virus, memtest, prime95,
changing my PSU to 850w, windows update, adobe flash player update, shockwave player, registry cleaning with CCCleaner. yet i still get these freezes... :cry: im at my wits end already :(

my PSU is giving an ample 69amps on my GPU that needs only 30amps... my memory voltage is at 1.6v but on auto timings..

and it doesnt seem like its an overheating issue either because no matter how long or short i do this pattern of activites on my computer, i still end up having a freeze.

here are my system specs:

Intel Core i7 950(stock fan)
Evga x58 SLI3 motherboard
Evga gtx 560ti SC Ds
Corsair Vengeance 8Gb (2x4gb) 1333mhz at 1.6v
Thermaltake Black widow 850w (previously a Raidmax 630w)
Windows 7 home
1tb Hard drive

i appreciate the help guys...
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