Help w/ new build.. I'm a noobie

Hey guys, just a few questions! I'm a first time builder so go easy on me..

1) When building a computer, how exactly do you install the OS? I have an external dvd drive i'm going to use to run
the disc off of but none of the drivers will be installed so will that work? just a little confused about that.

2) Also, I'm planning on getting an SSD to use as a boot drive. I will use a 1 TB hard drive for everything else. However, I can only afford the core parts to get the computer up and running right now and seeing as the TB hard drive is cheaper, will I be able to install the OS on the TB hard drive and then whenever I get the SSD uninstall the OS from the TB hard drive and reinstall it using the same CD key on the SSD?

3) I don't want to spend 200 dollars on the OS so i've been looking at getting Windows 7 OEM for 110. It is listed as Windows 7 OEM Old version. What does the old version mean? I also heard OEM doesn't come with new drivers or something like that.. Could you please explain?

If it helps at all, the only parts I've bought so far have been the case, motherboard, and processor.
( my intent is to build a gaming rig)

I have the:
Asus P8 P67 Pro Motherboard
i5 2500k
ATX Azza CSAZ-1000 Solano

Thanks in advance guys!
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  1. win7 h.p. oem 95$-
    wait till you have enough money to buy the ssd so you can load it onto it because you cant transfer it
    oem can only be used if you have no os on a hdd/ssd in other words a clean install
    why the 1000w psu :lol: ? if you would of gotten a smaller one you probably could of afforded an ssd
  2. I didn't

    The 1000 is part of the model number, the case only put me out 100, it was the processor and mobo that put me out the extra 400!
  3. oh it is a case. sorry bout that. ya still wait till you have more money though
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