Dell laptop running hot!

i have got a dell inpiron e1505 and the CPU is running hot 54c when idle 93c when under full load (core 2 duo t7200)

is there any solution to this madness :sweat:

1 take it apart and replace the thermal compound with as5 :whistle:

2 ignore it and live a hot life :pfff:

3 or ask geek squad :cry:
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    If you are comfortable with taking it apart, then I would apply AS5. If not, then ask geek squad to do it for you.

    When the warranty on my new laptop expires I intend on replacing the thermal paste myself.
  2. Get laptop cooling pad
  3. Now you know why they need to change the name tosomething other than laptop.
  4. like "hot nuts" ?
  5. I think you may need to clean out the inside. Your fan(s) may be blocked by dust. There's some air spray thingy you can buy for around $5 that will probably do the trick. I would also probably buy a laptop cooler to assist. Geek Squad [BestBuy] are only out for your money.. by the way.
  6. i took the ho thing aprt got rid of the dust. i found that on both cpu and gpu had tried out thermal past and i had a guy replace it with as5 but the gpu, i need to replace that too but my friend ran out of thermal paste
  7. natx808 said:
    like "hot nuts" ?

    :lol: ha hah that funny yay sarcasm, but i got this laptop from a female teacher so she didn't have a problem :pt1cable:
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