$1000 to spend on new computer components

Hi guys, I won $1000 dollars in a raffle. Now that summer is about to start and BF3 will be coming out in a few months, i'm looking to upgrade. Currently I have:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU
ATI HD 5830
4 GB DDR3 RAM (forgot the brand)
Motherboard: ASUS P5QC
700 or 750watt PS

What would you suggest that I get so i can run games such as BF3 and other high powered games during the fall? Or should I wait for Bulldozer to come out from AMD?
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  1. will you oc?
  2. You could make a lovely new machine with $1000. Are you just wanting to upgrade new components or make a new beast all together?
  3. Yes I will be overclocking, or atleast attempting to
    And im looking to upgrade
  4. Your power supply is big enough to handle a good single card setup. I'd recommend the i5-2500K + P67 mobo + 6950 (depending on resolution).
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