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I'm looking to build a desktop, and wondering if anyone has any good builds for these requirements. Budget of $650, and be able to run Starcraft 2 on medium graphics while running a couple other programs (chrome, music player, etc. nothing huge). I don't need a ton of storage, just a good amount for music and maybe a few vids, but I don't plan on using it for editing media or anything like that.

Also, I already have a monitor, mouse/keyboard, speaks, so I think all i need is the case, power supply, graphics card, cpu, motherboard, hard drive, disc drive and memory.

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  1. Hello rdm;

    How soon do you need the new system?
    If you fill out the form in *How To Ask For New Build Advice* you'll answer all the standard questions that help things get started.

    To give you an idea what a system in your price range might look like checkout this Econobox build. With a bit of tweaking, sale prices and rebates we can probably find you something even a bit better.
  2. I was actually looking at a build a friend of mine suggested for me.

    XFX 6850 graphics card
    i3-550 3.2ghz intel cpu
    gigabye h55 mother board
    2x2gb g.skill memory
    corsair 600w power supply
    seagate 500gb hard drive
    hp dvd burnr
    antec 300 case
    cooler master 212 heatsink

    This will run me about $600 after mail in rebate.

    Thoughts?? Concerns??
  3. Yeah, I see a few issues.

    The i3-550 is a generation old. It's outdated.
    Same for the h55.

    Switch to i3-2100 and an H67 board.

    You don't need the hyper 212+ for a non overclockable CPU. Go ahead and drop that.

    I would also get a low profile GPU, like a ATI 5570.
  4. I've got a pretty decent build here that will help you do everything you need and also be upgradeable later in the future.

    CPU- AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 3.0Ghz

    RAM- 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz G-skill Ripjaws

    PSU- Corsair 500Watt 80Plus PSU

    Video Card- XFX HD 6670

    Motherboard- GIGABYTE GA-880GMA-USB3 AM3+

    Case-RAIDMAX Altas ATX-295WBP Black Steel

    CD/DVD Burner- LG

    Hard drive- Seagate 500GB

    Price total including shipping before rebates-$645
    After rebates-$615

    The case comes with a 500Watt PSU but I figured you should get a nice reliable PSU instead of relying on what came with the case.
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