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Gts 250 help

hey guys . i have a gts 250 (1gb) installed on a q6600 with 4gb ram. i got the card 6 months back and it was doing ok back then. i mainly play fifa 11 on medium settings. but recently the fps has dropped significantly. can anything be done about it ?
should i overlclock it or upgrade ??? ( i am willing to spend $230)
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    what are the rest of your system spec? have tried using different drivers on the game? also what is your cpu and gpu temperature when under load?
  2. gts 250 igb
    q6600 -2.4ghz
    4gb ram

    well i dont really know about drivers but im using 258.96 right.what others drivers are there?

    as for the temps i got 106c for cpu and i think the gpu went upto 73c
  3. Well there is your problem 106c for the cpu and 73c for the card. Those temps are sky high especially for the cpu.
  4. the gpu temperature is normal under load but your cpu are not. is it really in celsius? use core temp to check your cpu temp
  5. well then any suggestions????
  6. you can get core temp here:

    if your cpu temp indeed was as high as you said before you have to check your cpu heatsink and clean it off dust. you might have to replace the thermal paste as well if cleaning the heat sink does not relly help to cool down your cpu temp

  7. ya well its pretty high. ill have to do something about this thanks alot
  8. Do you mind if I come over and cook a slab of meat on that cpu :D

    Just joking but you need to bring those temps down period. Clean the fan and the cooler while you may need to replace the compound.
  9. ya sure we'll have a barbeque :). anyway i got time to replace the compound . its already looking a lot better (40c). Thanks for the advice guys.And off now to check the gaming.......
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