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I'm will be going from a geforce 9500 GT 1gb to a radeon hd 4670 in a few days when it comes in. I know I'm supposed to remove the drivers, then use safe mode to remove the display drivers for nvidia, and the physx drivers too(i guess). Does anyone have any specific instructions so I don't cause problems. Worse comes to worse I'd just do a clean install of windows, but I'd rather make this quick and simple. I'm guessing this will remove the 700mb nvidia folder under my c drive. Also, I know you shouldn't touch the nvidia chipset drivers, but out of curiosity, my motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131376 says ATI Radeon 3000 under video chipset. Does that mean I will need the nvidia chipset after I put in the 4670. Thoughts, comments.......?
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  1. You can just uninstall the Nvidia display driver.

    Turn off the computer.

    Remove the 9500GT

    Install the 4670.

    Boot up.

    Install the latest ATI drivers for the 4670.

    That should be all you ever need to do to install a graphics card into a machine.
  2. better to run driver sweeper in safe mode to clean up all left over by nvidia driver before installing the driver for your new radeon
  3. 9500 GT does not have physx so no worries there. Uninstall the drivers from Add/Remove programs remove the video card from Device Manager, but DON'T reboot when it asks you to. Instead do a Shut Down. Replace the card. When Windows comes up you will get a new hardware found prompt. Cancel out of the driver setup. Then run the AMD(ATI) drivers, reboot when it asks to. Install finished.
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