New heatsink help for A8N-SLI

I need help selecting a new heatsink for my A8N-SLI, which uses an AMD socket 939 CPU. The old fan has broken (snapped fin) and is no longer useable, so want to get a new heatsink and fan.

the Velocity Micro I bought back in 2006 shipped with a Arctic Freezer heatsink/fan, with the clips that fasten on to the annoying socket 939 bracket positioned in such a way that the heatsink fan was positioned 'parallel' to the DDR sockets.

From the pictures I can see on the internet of more recent Arctic Freezer heatsinks, the metal slips are postioned in such a way that the fan would be prependicular to the DDR sockets, and as such many of the fans are too large to work in my config.

Hoping that someone can make sense of this post and assist me.
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  1. [Just to clarify, the A8-SLI is my motherboard, and any heatsink options that involve removing the mobo from the case are not ideal.
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