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Is is possible to have a second monitor connected to my dell 620? the only port is VGA. I've tired VGA to VGA, I found via internet a VGA to (split)S-Video/RCA (female) cable. I've tried connecting them single and together directly to a second monitor. I also tried using an RF Modulator trying every connection i could think of along with "Display Setting" with no luck. I KNOW SOMEONE HAS THE ANSWER!
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  1. Are you just trying to split the display (same image on both) or have them work independently? To just split them,

    Since you have a laptop, your only option for a true dual monitor solution is either good and expensive or cheap and crappy.



    The USB video cards are pretty slow, I don't think I have heard of one running without lag in video. Maybe there is a good one out there, you'd have to check reviews of them.
  2. I have this same desktop.

    This has 2 monitors option on the Video card. The top VGA cable of mine doesn't work for some reason.

    The only way to get dual span monitors is you are going to need 1 monitor with a VGA cable and one with a DVI-D plug.

    But, if you don't have a monitor with a DVI-D plug no worries.... i found this adapter that can convert VGA to DVI-D so you can use dual span monitors. Here it is:

    Good Luck.
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