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I have a HAF 932 case and have been trying to design a case with Google Sketchup. The ideas I have been working on as far as component layout are virtually the same with what Silverstone has just put out with their new RV03 case. I am curious to know which case has better cooling in real world application.
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  1. I have the Raven RV02 (NOT the RV02-E) and it does a pretty good job at cooling. I have been following the RV03 for a while, but haven't looked at any (if any) benchmarks/comparisons.
  2. Ive seen remarks about the RV02 case and someone in newegg said that they changed from a HAF932 to an RV02 and achieved a 10degree difference between the two products. Most of that seems to be due to the AP fans in combination with the stack cooling effect. As far as products go, I read that people favor the RV02 over the RV03 because of quietness and sturdiness. As far as cooling the two products where the same with maybe a 1 - 2 degree variance in RV03's favor, and that in turn being due to the Ap fan in the RV03 having a faster RPM.
  3. The AP-181 fan only has a ~200RPM faster motor. The key difference is the way it pushes the air, and it is pretty incredible.

    (This is the 120mm verison, but it has the same design/concept as the AP-181)

    The only drawback I've noticed is multiple GPU setups with external exhaust cooler (most reference coolers), since the air does not want to flow sideways into the GPU cooler (it doesn't overheat, just runs a bit warmer).
    I had 2x470 with the regular fans, and I think the AP-181 would have made a difference.

    Note that the RV02 does not come with the 181s, but I believe the RV02-E does. I don't think the -E version cools as well though.
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