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I recently upgraded my gfxcard from an ATI 4870 to an Nvidia 570. Everything seemed to work just fine except that not all games gave me that huge fps difference (which I thought meant that I was cpu throttled) and that WoW for some reason sometimes said that it didn't want to enable all features unless I updated the drivers (used the latest drivers from

This weekend I went to some friends to play some fps and wen I got there the computer didn't even POST but after pressing reset it worked and I played fps games for 10-12 hrs straight without any issues. I didn't think much about the POST issue since it worked after 1 reset, however the BIOS had reset . When I got home and assembled the system again I got the same issue again. Didn't POST, didn't even beep or anything. Now I remembered what happened at my friends place. I tried to reset but still didn't POST. After a couple tries the system suddenly started again and I entered windows. Started WoW and got to play for 5 mins before the computer totally frooze and when I tried to reset it locked up again. I turned everything off and pulled the gfxcard out and then put it back in again, thinking it could have gotten abit loose during the transport. Same troubles with not even POSTing. After a few tries I got back in but this time it crashed even faster. At that time I got pissed so exchanged to my old gfxcard. Started windows in safemode to run drivercleaner to remove the nvidia drivers but computer crashed again before being able to start a single program. After a reboot the same issue with no POST.

So, now I'm really confused since everything had worked perfect for a long time before changing the gfxcard. I immediately thought it had to be the card but since changing back to the old didn't help it has to be something else. Currently I'm guessing either the PSU or mobo gave up. Perhaps RAM. Anyone have any ideas?

My system is as follows:
Mobo: asus p5qpro
Cpu: intel core2duo 8500
Ram: 2*2GB modules but can't remember brand
PSU: Corsair tx750
Gfxcard new: Asus directCu2 570
Gfxcard old: Club3d ati 4870
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  1. Chances are that your card was already defective. Contact customer service and ram your card or return it to the retailer ware your bought your card from.
  2. That was my first thought too. However, the computer still didn't wanna start and crashed even after I changed back to my old gfxcard that have worked for years. So unless the new card broke the mobo I doubt the gfxcard is the issue.

    Tomorrow I'm gonna try removing one memory module at a time to see if a broken memory module is tue issue. Unfortunately I don't have any spare PSU or mobo to change with so thats why I'm asking for opinions or ideas here :).
  3. Tinkering with the ram isn't going to do much in solving your problem. You need to see if you can test your card in a different system to rule it out. Beyond that chances are that something has indeed gone wrong with the board.
  4. well you said that your computer have been working fine for years.. and only after changing to the NEW card issues started. Well I can tell you this: CLEAN YOUR COMPUTER DUDE !!!, it might be dusty. Once my computer had the same issue freezing crashing I almost went nuts, also check that your card is not loose and well firm to the case. And talking about the Bios getting reset check the motherboard battery it could have already done his job in your motherboard and may be the cause of the issues too.
  5. When changing the cards I also took the opportunity to "de-dust" the system. Being one of few that actually have gone an ESD-course I made sure to stay grounded all the time while carefully removing the dust with one of those things womens use to pick their eyebrows (dunno the English word). Yeh, there were loads of dust so it took a while. I spent hours cleaning the case, removing old HDs I don't use anymore and trying to putting the cables in such a way to disrupt the airflow as little as possible.

    Do you really think the battery could be empty already? I bought the mobo 2-3 years ago and never noticed any issues before.
  6. Only if the board or the battery cell is bad but typically those battery cells can last for more than a decade very easily.
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