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i am looking for the best vidio card for my cpu it is an amd phemon II 920 at 2.8 ghz no over clock looking or the best vc that wont bottle neck my cpu im thingking about a 5850 1 gb card but not sure if it will bottle neck plz help
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  1. The phenom II 920 is a fairly powerful CPU and would easily handle the 5850. However other more recent cards might be a better option especially aroung the $200 pricepoint of that card.

    The THG "Best Card for the Money" article provides recommended cards at each price point, along with a very brief statement about its performance and, often, links to reviews for more information:,2879-4.html

    Your CPU would easily handle a faster card if you want more power.

    You can find more help to update video card for gaming, including using other tools and reviews to get information at:

    What games do you play and at what settings and screen resolution?

    Is your PSU strong enough to handle the larger card?

    That same site has a guide for reviewing system requirements and limitations and card features at:
  2. You could probally take a 6950 or a GTX 570 and still not be bottlenecked. It does depend on what games you are playing, and at what resolution. If you are playing something like Crysis or Metro 2033 or similar graphics hog at high rez you will want to spend more. If you are playing a CPU dependent game such as any RTS or 'map' dependent game, then spend less :).
  3. 1920x 1080 is the res in all games i play and yes i will be playing alot of high end games like Crysis1 and 2 Metro 2033 and my psu is a ocz 600 watt modualer 80 plus certifyed any one got a suggetion of the best card i can get for the 200$
  4. I recommend the GTX 460 768MB card. It is a solid card that can be found at a discount right now because it is being replaced by the GTX 550 Ti, but the new card is slower. The 768MB version of the GTX 460 is only slightly slower than the 1GB version, but costs substantially less. See the slight performance difference in this article:,2684.html

    Note that on the THG Best Card for the Money article linked above, the GTX 460 1 GB is one of the cards recommended at the $200 price level. This card is almost as fast and as shown in the review above and costs substantially less.

    For a specific card, I recommend the MSI Twin Frozr because of its effective but quiet heatsink/fan, factory overclock, and good price – only $130 after rebate.
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    At 1920x1080 the 768mb version dies. As says by tom's last Builder Marathon when they went cheap and got the 768MB version for the 500$ build. The frames dropped from competing with the 1GB and 5850 to getting sub 13FPS in Crysis and other games. AA had the same story. The lower RAM and buffer size cripples the card in high rez and AA.

    (Edit) And I thought that the 550ti was going in between the GTS450 and the GTX 460 768MB, though I could be wrong :). Also I have the MSI GTX 460 1GB Cyclone if you want to go the GTX 460 route, and I LOVE mine. Never spins up to where I can hear it, and keeps even extreme overclocks cool.

    If you want the best performance you can squeeze out of your 920 (And your wallet allows :lol: ), then I would grab the ATI 6950 or GTX 570.

    (Edit 2) I didn't see the link.... The benchmark they were showing for the 500$ PC must have come with a bottlenecking CPU to cut cost. So for correcting my mistake: If you want to max Crysis out in all its full glory, I would get the higher end stuff that I previously recomended. Even my GTX 460 1GB OC'ed has issues with Crysis at full settings (Lots of Dips into the 5-8FPS range and lower average-20-25FPS).
  6. Some of the 560Ti's get around 220$ w/ rebates, but the 6950 $$ dips almost as far w/ rebates. If you are stuck on the 200$ mark, the GTX 460 1GB is right on the mark and a little below that. And if you are wanting to save even more money, then go with the 768MB, but I wouldn't recommend it with the games you play.
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