P8P67 EVO CPU_LED i5-2500K

Hey guys,

Recently, my computer suddenly shut down during operation. After testing, I discovered that my PSU was fine, but there was no response from the motherboard after power on (no fans spins, no posts, though the power/reset button on the mobo light up with the power supply plugged in).

I RMA the motherboard. Asus didn't test my old board, they simply gave me a new one and according to their tests, the new one works fine.

When I plug in my i5-2500k, all fans spins up, but CPU_LED lights up. Which should mean that there's is something wrong with my CPU. As I have read online, lots of people had the same issue and had faulty board. So I RMA it again :). The new board, same issue. CPU_LED lights up.

I have also heard that CPUs don't tend to fail nowadays, but could my CPU have failed? I would rather not waste more time RMAing stuff.

Anything else I should try? Or should I go ahead and RMA my CPU? Or could it be some other component that has failed?

Asus P8P67 EVO B3 Rev (S/N begins with B5M0AD)
i5-2500k (BX80623I52500k)
Kingston 8GB (KHX1600X9D3K2/8GX) <-- on approved list
Seasonic x660
Tested on motherboard box. 8 pin CPU and 24 pin Motherboard were all securely plugged in

Thanks for your time!
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  1. The info that CPUs don't failo nowadays is mythic: they fail like any other component.

    I was running an i5 2500K in a P67 mobo and in late January the rig went down. After breadboarding it I found that both the mobo and the CPU went south. Intel was great about the RMA, but you need the boxed fan to RMA it.

    BTW, after buying the parts to breadboard my gaming rig I built a home server. It has been a great addition.
  2. Oh they fail alright. See if you can borrow a cpu to test. Doesn't matter if its not the same as yours, you just need to test the motherboard.
  3. ooohh. Okay I'll bring it to my local shop to test it again. I guess my case is the same as yours Chester, mobo and cpu died at the same time.

    Thanks guys : D
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