Motherboard and PSU problem

The motherboard that I am planning to get only has 4-pin ATX12V but the psu I am intending to get has 1 x 4+4-pin ATX12V pin. Are these compatible.

Thank you and here are the mobo and psu if it helps: (psu) (mobo)
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  1. You would have to check with the motherboard manual, but I guess that it's compatible. In most of the cases the 4+4-pin on the PSU splits in two (as the + indicates) and you just plug one of the two connectors (not randomly though, you have to choose the right one).
  2. Yes, it will be compatible.

    You want to make sure that the two yellow wires in the CPU power plug face the memory sockets.
  3. they will work just use the one that have the same connector as your board from those 4x4 one on the psu
  4. In 1x4+4-pin you can unplug it and make it as 4-pin
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