Nvidia GT 220 help!

Hello there guys i need help.
I recently bought a 22 inch monitor Lg E2240s LED, my old monitor was like 16 inch monitor i was using like 1024 x 768 resolution and with this new monitor i switched to 1920 x 1080 and right away my games started laging like hell the fps dropped very much..
I probably need a new video card so im open to suggestions for update i was thinking about to buy ATI HD 5570 but i dont know if its gonna run smooth on my PC.

DualCore Intel Core i3 530, 2933 MHz (22 x 133)
and Nvidia Geforce GT 220
Im using windows XP SP3
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  1. Budget and your power supply matter here. Tell us those if you want help here.

    Personally, I would try to at least get a Nvidia card ending with at least a 50. 20's to 40's are just not that powerful for games, but they don't require much power and are cheaper. Cards above the 50's are powerful, but pricey and power hogs.

    A 430 or 440 would be a good upgrade to your card, but I would not go lower than that. If possible, I would (Actually did ;-) ) get the GTS 450. It is much better for gaming and should last you longer if you keep geting new games. Or you could get the equivalent ATI cards, but I don't know much about those.

    I used this chart for comparing Geforce card power:
  2. The Gt 220?its never meant for gaming for that such resolutions,even at 1024x768,it cant max out any game.if you want to upgrade over that card,a gt 240 or hd 5670 would be my recommendation.however Gts 250/450 are still available as good gaming cards at around $100.if you will game with 1920x1080 then surely you must choose 1gb memory.512mb would bottleneck your gaming at certain points.
    Gt 240/hd 5670 require 400w powersupply.
    Gts 250/450 Require 450w Powersupply.
    i would go with nvidia gpus are they are better for folding.
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