firewall blocking the local communication chanel (socket)

I am trying to have debugger on my machine, between embedded python and winpdb, i am getting below error,
A firewall is blocking the local communication chanel (socket) that is
required between the debugger and the debugged script. Please make sure
that the firewall allows that communication.

Is it related to firewall, i am having windows xp machine.
How can i solve it?
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  1. Do you have more than one firewall installed ? Standard procedure it to turn off firewall while setting up the link and then restore the firewall once the link is in place.
  2. No there is only one firewall installed on the machine.
  3. For a quick fix you can turn off the firewall. Otherwise you'll need to either find what ports are being used and unblock them, or you can unblock the application itself in Windows Firewall.
  4. got is using certain ports in fixed range , which we need to take care of..
    i added the exceptions for the ports and now it is working..
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