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HD 5670 Good for games?!? Best GPU under 100!?!

Hi guys i was just wondering if this 5670 is an okay card for gaming, I am planning on playing games like Black ops, BFBC2, Portal 2. Crysis 2 etc.

Would this be able to run those games and most current games on hight setting's on a 23" Monitor at 1080p?

Is it worth cross firing? keep in mind I have a 500watt antec earthwatts.

My Build:

AMD Athlon x4 640


4gb ddr3 ram 1600 (planning on 8gb)

1Tb Samsung spin point F3R

500watt antec earthwatts 80plus bronze


D54th :sol:

If this card won't meet my need's whats another good card for 100 and under that will be better. I PREFER ATI!
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  1. ct1615 said:
    not at that resolution. i recall micro center had a nvidia GTS450 for $100. the 5670 is better for 1440x900 resolution

    But it could handle those games at high no AA?
  2. Not really.

    I think you should be able to find a HD 5750 for $100 or less after rebates if to do some searching. You'll probably be able to play some games on high settings, but not all.
  3. Could I power a GTS450 or HD 5770 no problem with room for ram update?
  4. Additional RAM beyond 4GB will not boost your gaming experience.
  5. Yea I know that but I am planning on throwing another 2 sticks to get 8gb of ram, and would I be able to power the rig with the 500 watt earthwatts running a 5770 or a GTS450?
  6. 5670 would be able to max out Black Ops and Portal 2 but not BFBC2 and Crysis 2.
    I suggest getting a 5770.But even still you can probably only play BFBC2 on medium settings at 1080p.The 5770 is better than the GTS450.

    HIS 5770 $130=$100 after MIR + Free Shipping

    Yes you can power the 5770 or the GTS450 with your PSU.I'm sure you might even be able to Crossfire with your PSU.
  7. With rebate, this is pushing your budget by $10.

    Sapphire Vapor-X 5770
  8. If your an planning to O.C. the vapor x is defnitly worth the extra $10.
  9. Thanks for the input.
  10. I have been looking at this one:

    But the reviews are not to great.

    I live In Canada so I need it to be
  11. Since it's from Canada the prices are a little more steep.I think your best option would be the MSI 5770.All the others have really high shipping costs.The MSI is free shipping.

    MSI 5770 $120 + Free Shipping
  12. If thats to much money you can also go with the 4850.It's performs the same as the 5770 but it's older so it only has DX10 support.Still a good card tho.


    Does that rebate apply to you in canada?
  13. purple stank said:
    Since it's from Canada the prices are a little more steep.I think your best option would be the MSI 5770.All the others have really high shipping costs.The MSI is free shipping.

    MSI 5770 $120 + Free Shipping

    Again the Sapphire Vapor-x is $10 not including a $20 REBATE CARD. Ala Canada Newegg.

    Sapphire Vapor-x 5770
  14. I am pushing at least a 5770 because of the resolution you have.
  15. I am too suggesting the 5770 for the resoultion.You won't be able to play acceptable fram rates with anything less.And the 5770 is just the best bang for your buck.

    The MSI version i suggest has free Shipping.The Vapor X version has a $20 Mail in Rebate which after the shipping leaves the price tag still at $120.MSI version you dont even have to deal with the mail in rebate.Although it's a good card i don't see the point in getting the Vapor X if it's just going to end up being the same price and you have to go trough the trouble of a Mail in Rebate for just $20.
  16. How about this 4850?

    Also again will I have room for Ram upgrades or am I running borderline with the 5770?
  17. Canada newegg links are broken.Is it the XFX 4850?
    Get the 4850 if you can't afford the 5770.But the 5770 is a slighty better/newer card.If you can manage,get the 5770 over the 4850.The 4850 is better than the 5670 but the 5770 is better than the 4850.

    What do you mean will you have room for RAM upgrades?
  18. Iam I maxxing out my PSU by getting a 5770, leaving no room for different upgrades etc.
  19. Best answer
    No,not at all.You have a quality PSU.Your PSU can Crossfire 5770's no problem.,2446-15.html

    The total system draw(test setup) with a 5770 is 200watts.You still have about 250watts left.All of your RAM after you upgrade it shouldn't be any more than 50 watts.
  20. Okay sounds good I will prob end up with a 5770 if not i just run a 4850. Thanks for all your help!
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