Monitor takes so long to respond.Like when i minimize a game.


Just connected Viewsonic va1903 to my pc but this monitor takes so much long to respond.Like when i minimize a game,it goes off and takes around a minute to show green led light and display.Same thing happens when computer boots.Power comes in monitor but it takes a lot time to show display and green power led.Also if i manually turn off monitor from its front switch,it again takes time to show display.
I am using amd phenom with on-board 4200 igp.
Please help.Is this monitor faulty or I am doing something wrong?

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    Not sure exactly, sometimes monitors can take a few seconds to come on. But, if it's doing it just between alt tabbing from a game, then you should double check that you have your resolution set to the monitor's native res. If it's having to switch resolution between the game and windows then you can get a delay like that.
  2. In windows,its on native resolution i.e 1440*900.When i try to change resolution in fear2 to its native,the monitor again goes blank,while the game asks to press some key to apply that resolution,but since i cannot see anything on monitor,The resolution in game reverts back to previous one..
    It always takes 1-2 minutes to come up..
  3. Hmm... I would hazard a guess that it's just not a well made monitor, but, have you installed monitor drivers? Also have you done a complete graphics driver uninstall/driver sweep/reinstall?
  4. Drivers??Is it mandatory??I am using Windows 7..but switched monitor from crt to viewsonic va1903wm..
  5. well,i think its the power supply of the monitor..coz when i unplug it and then again plug-in with main power,it turns on quickly.
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