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Looking to do a full clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit in the next few weeks. I have 2 hard drives: one 1TB and one 2TB (both 7200RPM SATA).

I want one partition for Windows 7 Home Premium system files (small as possible whilst still being functional), one for application install (currently running about 250GB in apps but need room for expansion), 2 partitions for users (75%-25% split), and a partition for Ubuntu 11.10 install (100GB or so).

Looking for opinions on how to do this with minimal amount of headache and optimal performance.
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  1. The thought of creating partitions gives me a headache already... Not sure how you plan to create separate partitions for users?

    Anyhow, I would suggest you assign 20GB on the 1TB for Windows, and use the rest for user/application data. Then create your Linux partition on the 2TB, and use the rest for backup / storage.

    GParted is a free and easy to use tool to do this. Check it out.
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