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hi guys i have hp compaq8100 elite mini tower spec: 8g ram i7 quad core 860 2.8.ghz and 320 psu dont care abot the psu iwill change it for like 700wtt and q57 motherboad i want to know that which is the best nvidia and ati GPUs for this motherboad and if i can fit it in the case thx.
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  1. I found two systems with the name you said.
    If its the one in the link http://whatsprice.com/hp-compaq-8100-elite-2/h24-1258-call08-or-2/ Then i don't know. you'll have to use a tiny card that won't be fast enough.

    If it looks like the second link: http://image20.it168.com/201005_0x0/25/75c6ddab6c7738e1.jpg Then you can use pretty much most cards. You'll just need to mess a bit with the cabling and tidy them up.

    http://www.singular.com.cy/graphics-cards/nvidia-geforce/n560gtx-ti-m2d1gd5-oc-1gb-ddr.html <---fast one, but might be a tight squeeze.
    http://www.singular.com.cy/graphics-cards/nvidia-geforce/gf-n550gtx-ti-m2d1gd5-oc.html <--- Not as fast as the previous one, but it comes pre overclocked and its smaller.
  2. thank you so much bro and its the second one :D
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