Help me find a power supply? :D

Hey, Hi.
I am a total noob when it comes to knowing what power supply I should get for my computer. Basically I am looking to buy a "DIY Combo" form Newegg (Canada) and this combo does not come with a power supply. So anyone that can help me PLEASE help me, it would be much appreciated.

So here is this combo:

As well as that combo I will buy a graphics card. It will Probably be radeon 5670 or 5770.
Here they are:

Also any tips with the WHOLE computer would be nice, if I am forgetting anything. I just want a decent gaming build for a cheaper price since I am only 15 :P
I also would not need a cd drive since I can salvage the one from my old computer :)
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  1. This one will work:

    It's Corsair, and it's modular!

    Great power supply for your needs and is a fair price.
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