Where to plug in front panel eSATA on mobo?

I just built a system with an MSI P67A-G45 motherboard in a CM 690 II Advanced case. In the big bundle of wires running from the front panel toward the motherboard, there are two SATA cables but I'm not sure which corresponds to the external SATA dock found on the top of the case and which to the eSATA port on the front I/O panel. Will the distinction even matter? And, where do I plug those two cables into? Any one of the six SATA ports on the motherboard? Or do they go specifically in either the 3.0 Gb/s ports or the 6.0 Gb/s ports?

Also, there is a male Molex 8981 connector coming from the front panel as well. What is that for and where does it go?

I'm a novice and this is my first build so I tried to be as clear as possible... any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    The molex is probably for a fan on the front,
    and the E-Sata's just plug into any Sata port on the Mobo, had same question a while back myself hehe
    I'd save the 6Gb ports for any 6Gb hard drive/opticals you may have, if you dont need them then use those
    **Edit, looking at the review, the molex should power the hard drive for the top docking station I believe, as the case fans mentioned have 3pin connectors**
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  3. Thanks! This clears it up for me! I'll try taking off the top panel to familiarize myself with it too.
  4. No probs, thank you for B.A.
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