6950 crossfire eyefinity P55 tearing/chessboard

I would like to ask for help with this problem:
-3x24" LCD's, 1920x1080
-6950 on ASUS P55 mobo, (8x+8x lines)
2xDVI connection on card, miniDP->DP->Sapphire "active" adapter(without USB), eyefinity certified
everything works fine, thos framerates could be better..
I bought another 6950, made crossfire happen (1 or 2 bridges, no change) and there it was, ugly horrible tearing of screen + anything moving(like muzzle fure from shots,etc.) leaves chessboard effect, completely devasting experience..
Help please ?
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  1. thanks for reply ) i really did some research, but i am prolly wrong .. are we talking bout d3doverrider? If not, where should i enable it ?
    11.4 preview driver
  2. thanks
    had Vsync on: "on, unless app specifies" and found the openGL settings :
    triple buffering.. just checked it, goin to try
  3. just tried metro 2033, chessboard is still there :( tried to screenshot it, not able to catch it :) (or it could not be screenshotted.. ?)
    crysis and DA2 now..
  4. thanks, ur very kind, but it seems it's not working :(
    couple thoughts: not sure, but my friend came like a week b4 i bought a 2nd one, i tried 3dMark11 and maybe couple games, i don't remember it beign there.. :/

    Another friend i due to come tommorow(today! :D) with another one.. think it's gonna change something ? Seems to be pretty common thing, not just my bad luck with one card..
    Btw. my 1st one is Sapphire, 2nd is Gigabyte.. B4 a week it was Gigabyte, tommorow it's gonna be Sapph also
  5. Atm it's 6950 Sapphire as primary + 6950 Gigabyte as secondary, 2 CD bridges @ 8x+8x lines
    3x1080p lcd's , DVI+DVI+DP
  6. Sorry, can't edit messages :D Seems like i forgot to mention it's bout Crossfinity :)

    My eyefinity was fine with one 6950, since i bought 2nd one it started
  7. I also noticed that cards are not utilized equally .. GPU1 - 82%, GPU2 - 92%
    can't be good :(
  8. I am using the MSI Afterburner + OSD.. thus the GPU utilization..

    going to check it now, thank a ton for ur time
  9. metro 2033
    ie. lowest

    highest ~35

    since i lowered it, there was much less chessboard/tearing..
    Now back maxxed, i didn't notice any chess :/
    Weird :) Gonna test more
  10. Btw. cpu is i7-860 @ 3.6(HT on), utilization of 4 cores is 40-50% each..
  11. warhead :
    (very wild gpu utilization differences..ranging from "the same" to "0%-90%"usually 50+60,30+90..every second different, but could be loading still.. loading was like 5mins (!) and i played like 1 min)

    minimum, no AA
    60 top(vsync?), 58 when quitting
  12. Quote:
    Switch off AA. You don't need it at that resolution.

    in metro2033 its "AAA" or msaa4x only..not using AA, like u said.. just for the sake of testing
  13. I am sory, i don't understand :) I am not the native speaker, obviously.

    What was the point of testing max vs min settings ? :) Seems like vsync IS causing the tearing .. crysis warhead minimum- 60 fps, vsync, chess
    metro 2033 minimum, 74 fps, no vsync(right?no settings for it, but since it's more than 60..) and no chess(i believe, gonna confirm now)
  14. metro+warhead testing was done with:

    Vsync-always on
    triple buffering in CCC

    +just retested the metro, chessboard still there

    Configured msconfig, doin' restart now
  15. Yes, i do have RivaTuner, tho i am not using it.(but i am using d3d overrider)
    Vsync-always on is set in CCC
  16. restarted with nothing on

    metro cured ? :D
    crysis, DA2 still present :(
  17. gonna try to start d3d now..
    so .. i need to have :

    vsync always on, openGL(rly for opengl i suppose only : ) triple buffering off
    d3d : force vsync off, triple buffering on

    so like vsync is not enabled on 2 places ?
  18. vsync on, only in CCC
    triple on, only in d3d
    metro seems fine, but crysis, dragon age 2, BFBC2 is not :(
  19. Make sure your cards have the same BIOS version. If they are exactly the same it shouldn't be a problem, but you may want to check the manufacturer's site for an updated BIOS. Uninstall your current drivers, run driver sweeper to remove any settings they left behind, and then install the latest drivers.

    I had the same problem with my 5870s when I bought a second one, but my first card was using an older BIOS and after I updated it I had to reinstall the drivers and then everything was peachy. It's kind of a pain since it seems most people who do crossfire don't have that problem when they add a second card, but there you go.
  20. Actually I had to re-install the drivers when I went from one 3850 to two of them a while back as well. Of course, those two cards were pretty different and the second one was factory OC'd. Oh well.
  21. thanks for reading up :)
    well, i do have different manufacturers actually, it's sapphire and gigabyte, tho both are reference cards, but i do believe i read something about Sapphire got some different VID so.. it's like they don't really like themselves :)

    Due in the evening i am promised that friend will come with his sapph 6950, so i am curious about that one

    And also, i tried 11.2 and 11.4 drivers, with drivers sweeper and reg cleaning even, no prb there i hope
  22. no moar ideas ? :( im gonna return it tommorow, the second card :( too many worries bout that, rather be playing on normal details i guess
  23. Hey just to clear something up that has not been asked/said:

    Did you install CAP4? (4 just released today for Crysis 2, otherwise CAP3 is fine)

    (CAP: Crossfire Application Profiles)
  24. Please put up any future files on on a non-country TLD, and videos on youtube.

    Does V-Sync affect the artifacts? If not don't enable it.
    Since none of your mentioned games (BFBC2, Crysis, Metro) use OpenGL leave Triple-Buffering off.
    Try plugging the 6950's in different slots, same with monitor cables.
    Are you temps ok?
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