MSI GTX 580! Is the $10 worth it?

My tough decision at the moment is between 2 MSI cards.

GTX580 TF II $577.50
GTX580 TF II OC $588.50

I know this is probably stupid, But arn't these 100% identical Besides 1 being factory OC'd?
Iff i got either card i would have OC'd it even more.

Buy the 580 save $10 get same final clock.
Buy the 580 OC spend $10 more get same final clock. (+ Hidden benefits?)

If there are some things i don't know please inform me!

If it was you, what would you do?
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  1. 1920x1080
  2. No i wanted this card because i might SLI in future, when it hits around $400/450
    And if i dont, then i was sure this card would hold out for 3 years like my 9800GTX+ has.

    (I wanted to throw my computer down the track some more, as i don't want to get a card that i might have to upgrade in half the time)

    Either company is not big deal, its whoever has the best card.

    Just curious why you said 6950 2GB
  3. For such a small difference in price ($10 out of nearly $600) I'd probably just get the OC'ed card. While it is very easy to OC and there likely are only very minor differences at best (perhaps better binning), it is nice to be able to just throw the card in and know it should work, without having to mess with special tools or third party apps.
  4. Because 6950 2GB will last you for ages at 1080p. If it gets outdated, crossfire it. You save some bucks and at no loss of performance at that resolution.
  5. Hmm now im stuck in a epic state of confusion.

    So don't go the 580 because i can spend less and get the same performance at 1920x1080

    Why not go a 6970 2GB?

    From benchmarks i have viewed its:
    6950 v 560TI
    ____ v 570
    6970 v 580
    6990 v ____
  6. By the way, what country are you in? Those prices are too high for USD.
  7. Yah Aussie dollar

    580's = (550/680)
    6950's = (290/340)
    6970's = (360/440)
  8. Makes sense. Thanks.
  9. So get the 2x 6950 2GB

    Because of the limitations with my 60Hz 1920x1080 monitor.

    Fair enough as long as it does exactly the same thing.
  10. Then whats the best 6950 2GB out there?
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