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I'm building my first WHS 2011. I've never built a server before or used Xeon Processors so I need a little help. I'd like to use the Xeon E3 1235 processors due to what I've read about it and the integrated GPU. Since it's going to be a headless server I don't want to have to install a graphics card unless I have to. I was looking at the Supermicro microATX MB's but all of them state it's not recommended to be used with Xeon CPU's that have integrated GPU's. What might my other options be?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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  1. I'm not terribly familiar with Xeon, but since nobody else has replied yet I figured I'd at least get the ball rolling....

    First, a few questions:
    1. What's the primary use for this build?
    2. What's the assumed need for Xeon vs. Ivy Bridge i5/i7?

    I'm mostly curious because the new Ivy Bridge CPU's have much better integrated graphics (since that is important to you) and more efficient power rating as well. Even the i5-3570K has faster clock speed than the E3 1235 and the Sandy Bridge version i5-2500K was the most popular CPU for even hardcore gamers, so what do you feel you're gaining using Xeon?
  2. The server will be used for storing backups of home PC's and Mac's, storing pictures, music and movies, it will be used to stream movies to various devices, so trans-coding on the fly will be a requirement. I also plan on running a VM of Windows 7 I'll use for various other tasks. It could be possible that 1-3 machines could be accessing or streaming from the server at a time. Probably won't be doing any gaming from the machine since I really don't have any time to play anymore.

    So far this is what I have spec'd out: I'm open to changing things based on advice form others.

    OS: Windows Home Server 2011
    Case: Fractal Design Define Mini MicroATX Tower
    Memory: Kingston 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Server Memory Model KVR1333D3E9SK2/8G
    CPU: Xeon E3 1235
    HD OS: 2 x 250GB HDD (Raid 1)
    HD Storage: 2 or 3 TB Green Drives (Raid 5)
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