5770 or 6850

I've been trying to decide whether to get a 5770 or a 6850 possibly even a 6870 and I've got my eye on xfx or msi

my build
MSI 870A-G54
AMD Phenom II 955 (3.2) no O.C. yet new build
Cooler Master 912 HAF
Thermaltake 750w
2x4 gb patriot
wd blue 500 gb
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  1. Get the best you can afford. If you can afford a 6870 then get it. You may also want to look at the 5870s since they are pretty cheap right now and generally a little faster than the 6870 (more heat though).
  2. Well I'm trying to stay at or below 200 so i was wondering how much performance difference is there between the 5850 and 5870
  3. Both the 5850 and 5870 are awesome cards. You won't be disappointed.

    Under Charts is where you will find and compare video cards.

  4. Newegg had a shell shocker deal the other day a HD5870 and a XFX 650w psu for $223. Keep your eye out for killer deals like that.
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