How hot is too hot for Geforce gts 450 gpu

I currently built a budget gaming computer.
I am not experiencing any negative issues..

But out of curiosity what temperature is too hot for this particular card or any gpu for that matter?
It idles around 26 degrees Celsius and when heavy gaming it hits 40 degrees Celsius.. This is pretty cool right?

I use the asus geforce gts 450 1gb ddr5 card..
Other specs..
Rosewill Challenger tower (3 case fans)
amd athlon II quad core 3.1ghz cpu
8gb ddr3 gskill ram
biostar mobo
1tb hd
500w (600 peak) rocketfish gaming psu (was skeptical about this psu being such low wattage and not the best brand but turned out very nice)

Haven't oc'd anything.

This thing actually passed all expectations.. I didn't expect the best with how little i spent upon building this pc but..

runs Crysis on highest settings 40+ fps
Starcraft2 highest settings
black ops on extra high settings 60fps
Oblivion ultra settings 60fps
Fallout 3 highest settings
left 4 dead 2 60fps all high settings
WoW 60fps ultra settings
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  1. Those are outstanding temperature readings. You must have very good case airflow. I would try to get in some overclocking. It seems like you may have VSync turned on. Maybe try turning it off with an overclock to see if you can get even more out of the card than 60 fps.
  2. I'd say 100-110c would be too hot.
  3. ^ Id say that would be way too hot, I try to keep mine under 70 with an aggressive fan profile
  4. I would be seriously concerned if your GTS 450 was operating anywhere near 90c, even overclocked.

    This is for the Palit Sonic Platinum card, which is already factory overclocked to 930mhz, then overclocked to 968mhz:

  5. yeah it def should not run that hot i was just speaking of gpus in general in my above comment, thanks matto
  6. If the 450 is anything like other Fermi GPU's, the thermal limit is 105c. Ouch, too hot for me.
  7. Personally I like to keep my cards below 70c (load) but with that said your temps are very good. What country do you live in or state? Room temp because those temps are very nice?
  8. Thank you for the responses.
    I did manage to get the card up to 50c today playing Crysis 2.

    Just wanted to make sure these temps were acceptable.

    and @nforce4max I live in Michigan, USA

    Room temp is 65-70f
  9. Lucky down in Texas we are already running our A/C :(
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