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Hello, I have a Biostar G31, I had a Video card in it and 2 strips of 2 GB each memory, The system shut down and kept trying to restart, the light on the front kept flashing and the computer would only run for a few seconds and restart, I removed the video card same problem, I removed one stick of memory and it started, thought it was the memory so I sent it in for replacement but when I tried to put the video card back in it would not start, left it out running on onboard video and one stick memory, got new memory back and tried to reinstall and the flashing light again, I switched out the one that works and the new memory works fine here. but anytime I put memory in the second memory slot it flashes, so is the bios needing reset or is the motherboard going bad?
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  1. You may need to enable a memory setting in the bios, such as memory mapping. Some of those settings are disabled by default. Are your ram sticks identical or a mis-matched pair? What is your power supply make and model?
  2. My memory is a miss-matched pair, I am sending them back to GSkill and they are to send me a matched pair, they were originally matched. They both are GSkill 2gb ea. power supply is Roswell 630 watts continuos,GSkill said that sometimes when they send out 1 replacement sometimes this happens, not sure of this yet, I am yet to send them for this is my only computer hope to send by end of week. Thanks for your help and I am not that familiar with using bios, considering changing MB and Processor to AMD and either a giggabite board or a ASRock board
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