Asus Sabertooth Z77, inetwork control slowing internet?

So I recently bought this board and it has the Inetwork control feature software and I tried it out but it seems when it's turned on it slows everything as a whole even if I configure it correctly to give a higher priority to other programs. When it's on it slows my web browser a ton even if I set it highest priority and if I do speedtest it kills it pretty much. Even my Inet speeds got slower since getting this board when it is turned off. I used to pull 24 mbs/ 2 mb now I pull like 12/.8 if I'm lucky. I called my ISP and they messed around with stuff to get it to work better but seems it just made it worse. Any ideas? Or anyone have this board have same issues?
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  1. Yup dont use it , its absolute rubbish, uninstall it and keep your LAN drivers up to date , the software slugs it down.
  2. I am having the same issue even with the Asus Inetwork control turned off. The strange thing is when I do speedtest its quite fast (100mbps down/80mbps up), but when I actually put it to use with softwares that require fast internet connections, the speed never exceeds 2mbps download (this is after testing it on multiple softwares...etc including something as simple as watching youtube video on my browser -- very very slow speed). I have another computer connected the same way and no issues with speed whatsoever. I have updated the Lan driver already and still no help. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. I was having the same issue with the P8Z77WS. As of 8/1/12 Asus released new updates for AI Suite and drivers. I updated the Intel NIC drivers and didnt do anything. Disabling AI Suite helped about 50% but not equal to other computers on our network. I then updated AI Suite to the newest version, 8/1/12, and all is fine with the world, with or without AI Suite enabled. I disabled it anyways.

    I'm disappointed with ASUS to allow this, especially after buying a nearly $300 workstation quality motherboard. Everything went together flawlessly on this build back in May, its a shame that something so simple can be overlooked. These things should be plug and play, no excuses.
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