Dvi to Dual Vga Adapter Conclusion?

I Bought a Xfx Geforce Gts 250 1Gb Gddr3 256-bit gpu Last Week,Unfortunately i missed its dvi to vga converter somewhere.now i need to buy a new one.i found a dvi to dual vga adapter at a shop near by my house.its like cable.on one side is dvi and on the other side there are 2 vga.i just want to run the gpu on my 17 inch monitor.would that cable be fine for it?my monitor has a vga cable.will it work fine with dvi to dual vga?
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  1. That sounds more like a DMS-59 to VGA splitter. If you are sure it is a DVI connector, it should work. I am PMing you.

    BTW, this is what you are looking for:
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