Building a top notch system ~ 2000

I am in the process of pricing out a full system around 2k$.

If you have any advice for me as far as the system goes then keep reading and thank you for the help.

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It will be used for audio applications. This means it's priorities are:

1. Processing Power

2. Read/Write Speed for loading data/samples quickly (RAM and HDD's) with a minimum of 12GB ram and 120gb boot drive and 2TB slave.

3. Not being obnoxiously loud.

I need the minimum in graphics. I don't play games, and I need to be able to run 3 monitors for applications at 1080p relatively smoothly.

I have narrowed some things down but: I am trying to get the best parts in each category so if you know anything about which components to choose - then thanks for the help in advance.



i7 2600k or i7 970 6 core?


Z68 Chipset?

3x PCI Slots
USB 3.0
2x gBit LAN (or) 4x PCI Slots for extra card
SATA 3 6.0gbps


Boot drive - For the OS only

1 x SSD or 2 x SSD in RAID0 or 1 x PCI SSD

Slave Drive - For loading virtual samples. Basically 10-1000 MB libraries/samples that need to be loaded into the RAM randomly - a lot of the time as I work.

2 x 1tb Sata 3 RAID0

What raid controllers?

[Power Supply]

What do I need? 1000w?


What to snatch?


What clock speed? 1333? 1600? 1800?



I was thinking NZXT Phantom?

[Fans, cooling, Controllers]

Liquid cooling?
Silent fans?
Special heat sinks?
Fan Controller?

[CD Drive]

1 x CDRW + DVDR thats really all. Just something cheap that can read standard disks and DVD's. Blu-ray is not a must.



[Cabling/things I need to put it all together]


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  1. 2600K for sure. 900s are ridiculously overpriced now that SB is around. A P67 should be fine; overclock!
    For GPU, you'll need AMD if you want those displays (or this Without huge-screen gaming, a 6850 should do you more than fine for under $200.
    With only one GPU, you'll need around, oh, 600 watts. Why would you think 1000?
    Go for a reliable model, like a Corsair Builder.
    With the drive, it doesn't matter. Just pick something with solid reviews on Newegg.
    RAM: I don't think clock speed matters that much. Don't bother with anything over 1600; 1333 should be fine.
    HDDs: SSD! The boot drive should certainly be solid-you put I/O as a priority! I don't know much about picking high-performance storage HDDs, though.
    Cabling: The power supply will handle most of everything. You'll need Displayport cables for an Eyefinity setup (monitors).
    Sound: Yes. Unless you already have a sound card, which you didn't mention. Normally I'd advise sticking with the motherboard's sound, but not if audio is the priority.
  2. I was thinking 1000watt because of dual GPU's but I guess you can get 4 monitors on 1 GPU now.

    Also, I use external sound cards (DAC's) that pretty much blow away anything you can put in a PCI slot. I don't need anything for sound.

    So I assume then the motherboard will come with cables for 4 drives or will I need extra cabling? Or does that come with the RAID controllers?

    If anyone knows about the hard drives that is what I am most concerned about.
  3. Yeah, without gaming you'll be fine with one card.
    Oh, drives. Some will come with their own SATA cables; just check their details first. That won't be a big problem.
    Also, even with two cards, unless they were top-of-the-line, you'd be fine with a decent 800.
  4. If you can keep it to two monitors then the on board video chipset on the SB CPU will be enough with a compatible motherboard (either H67 chipset or Z68 chipset).. Yes that is an indirect suggestion to go for the SB over the X58.. As for memory, get two sets of these -

    You can put together a three monitor setup by using this one card -
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  6. What about cooling? Should I go liquid or regular? Which is quieter?
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