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so i recently build a new computer and the only thing in it i haven't upgraded yet was the graphic card cause i ran outta cash. but im getting i new one and i don't know all to much about which would be better then the other. im not looking to SLi cards im just gonna be using one card while im gaming, but i am going to overclock the card as much as it can go without getting buggy. i also have a 650W power supply so nothing to worry about there. I'd always try to play at my max resolution which is 1680x1050 I'd rather sacrifice Anti-Aliasing to max my resolution cause Anti-Aliasing i don't bother much about. i play high quality games like Mafia 2, Dead Rising 2, Crysis, Dead Space, Metro 2033, you know your general more new modern type games which are pretty demanding so i need to know which would be better for that reason. im spending around 200 bucks and i think I've narrowed it down to these two cards. I'm not sure in general which would be better then the other but nVidia also has physx, not many games use it but its always good to have, especially for a game like Mafia 2. So these are the 2 cards.

SAPPHIRE 100314SR Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity
-Link: [...] -_-Product


MSI N460GTX Hawk GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
-Link: [...] 6814127518

If you have any other suggestions for great graphic cards that would work well for high quality gaming, thats also like 200/210 bucks or less before the rebate, not after just put down the link or the name of the card and ill check it out.
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    Other than those that you mentioned above,in my opinion is:
    Btw any one of these would max out the games that you mentioned because the resolution that you are playing on is not much.a gtx 460/hd 5850/hd 6870 are good choice and should max out all the games you play.
    In My Opinion and Be Very Honest with you,i would go with nvidia as they have got physx.however all of those are fine but i would go with gtx 460.
  2. I would go for a GTX 560 ti much better
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  4. Selected best answer already. Well, my two cents: Three of the games mentioned use Physx and the 460 is older, I choose TopSoiL as my best answer.

    Additional Mail in rebate of $30. Also, none of the cards mentioned (even by me) will max out Metro 2033. I can't max it out and I have a much better card than was mentioned here. I game at 1080p though...
  5. Yes I too am suprised he already chose a best answer - appears like he has already made a quick decsison.

    If not, I recommend consider the little brother to the MSI Nigh Hawk on the original list. The MSI SOC (super overclock) Twin Frzr II is essentially the same card but with 768 MB of memory rather than 1 GB. Other reviews show the difference in memory makes only a slight difference in performance but the card costs substantially less, only $130 AR vs. $179 - a savings of $50 or 28%

    See the slight performance difference in this article:,2684.html

    Note that on the THG Best Card for the Money article linked below, the GTX 460 1 GB is one of the cards recommended at the $200 price level. This card is almost as fast and as shown in the review above, and costs quite a bit less..,2879.html

    And the link to the card:
  6. Go for 6870, it perform 2x better and is even faster then 560 GTX. 6870 CF scale better aswell then both 460 GTX and 560 GTX.
  7. Just remember ATI run much hotter then then some of most of nvidias range just keep away of the GTX 470 and GTX 480 they run very hot . I personally was going to get the MSI 460 Hawk but for a little more im getting the GIGABYTE GTX 560 TI SOC which runs nearly as fast as a Vanilla GTX 570 and im not breaking the bank it a little more then a GTX 460
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