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I have HP Z600 Workstation for that I have purchase 4GB XFX VGA Card.
now there is a problem with power supply of HP Workstation and the VGA.
power supply is having 6pins power cable support for VGA and the VGA Card is having 8 Pins 2 direct Cable Support Option from Power Supply.
please advice how to overcome with is issue.
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  1. well you can buy molex to PCIe adapters, but we need some more info. Like what PSU is in the workstation? and what GPU are you trying to use? if it doesn't even have one 8 pin PCI connector, i would be surprised if it had enough juice to power the card.
  2. we are using DPS - 725AB A REV:03 F

    as our Switching Power Supply

    Maximum Continues Output power: 650W
  3. I have received the below message from the VGA CARD SUPPORT TEAM

    [JEDY 3/22/2011 9:51:50 AM] Hi,Thanks for the update.please do not ues any MOLEX as this card is a `big power consumer`. regards Jedy

    What to do now??
  4. You still haven't answered the question: what video card?
  5. Yes, but I think that is the model of video card he is talking of in the original post.
  6. card XFX Radeon HD 5970 - 4GB
  7. Do you recommende any kind of PSU which support this Graphic Card?
    we have HP Z600 Workstation Model Number:kk712EA
  8. 910$ !!! for the HD 5970 4GB ??

    Yeah, it must be the HD 6990 the OP's talking about.
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