Recurring computer freeze + unable to restart

Hey everyone,
This is my first post so let me say thank you in advance for reading it. I have had the same issue with this computer for a while and I would really like to fix it. This is my mini itx setup:
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit
Mobo: Gigabyte H55N-USB3
Processor: Intel Core I5 760 @ 2.80GHZ
Video: Nvidea GeForce GTX 460
Hard drives: OCZ-VERTEX2 ATA SSD (boot) + Seagate 500gb HD
The PSU is a 80 PLUS Bronze certified 600W@50℃ PSU with single +12V rail which came with my Silverstone SG07 case.

The computer will freeze and all programs will "not respond". There does not seem to be any "triggers" as it can happen while I'm simply typing in Word or playing a game. After a minute or so I restart my computer and the following can occur:
-Stuck on the Gigabyte screen
-Stuck on a black screen after the BIOS loads with "Disc read error occured Press Ctrl-Alt-Dlt to restart"
-"Loading boot error"
When I have those errors, I go to my BIOS and look at my hard drive page and it does not recognize them as being there. It simply says "None" for all my SATA connections.
When these crashes occur, I unplug my hard drive + SSD, turn off my PSU and then plug everything back. This seems to work from time to time (although I have no clue if it actually does anything). Some days my computer will take 10+ reboots to actually load the OS but that number varies from day to day and even crash to crash.
I read my mobo does have a lot of issues so I thought it could be a Northbridge temperature issue. According to my temperature monitor, my core and CPU temps never go above 45C (my computer case is opened on my desk next to a window + I have an external fan blowing on the case).
My BIOS is the last version Gigabyte has on their website. I ran a disk check which was negative. I ran a Memtest which was also negative.

Today, while I was playing a game, my computer froze and, after a minute or so, I decided to unplug my front side USB headset for some reason. My computer unfroze and was working fine. I then proceeded to plug the headset to my back USB port and after a few minutes my computer froze again. That time, I had to unplug my headset + my keyboard for the computer to unfreeze. Again, I have no clue what this can potentially mean.

Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what the issue is and how I can fix it.
I would be happy to provide more information if needed.
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  1. Any ideas?
  2. Can you try loading the operating system on the platter drive and see if that stops the random freezes? That would be my first thing.
    If you read and believe this "I read my mobo does have a lot of issues" to be the case then it's time for a new/different mobo.
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