I Need Help With My HD5970

Hey all,

I have recently started having problems with my graphics card, such as:

Flickering In Games
Black Lines On Screen
Flickering When Minimize Things/Open Them

My card is a sapphire HD5970, The specs of my computer are in my forum banner.

My card is getting a furmark 1.9.0 score of 741. I get around 7 or 9 fps when i run it at 1080p, with X8AA. Is that normal?

Thanks Heaps,

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  1. Sounds like a heat and/or power issue. What make/model of power supply are you using? Also, are you overclocking anything? Last, how are your temps running?
  2. I am using a 850W Corsair PSU.

    Am am not overclocking anything, but i am running my RAM at 1600MHz, as it is meant to run at that speed, but the motherboard had it running at 1300MHz.

    My temps are unusally high, my card is running at 71C idle, sometimes higher.

    Thanks heaps for the reply,

  3. Technically, your RAM is rated to run at 1600, but the standard is 1333, so it is indeed overclocked when you run at 1600.

    Try this, drop it back to 1333 and see if the system stabilizes. You will see little (or no) change in performance.

    Also, your temps are high for idle. Looks like you may need to look at your airflow and system cleanliness.
  4. My system is really clean, and yes your correct, that was my mistake.

    I have extremly good airflow to the machine, as my cpu is at 30C idle.
  5. 71C is very high for idle temps. get msi afterburned and check fan speeds and increase the fan speed.
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