AMD Eyefinity and Linux support from AMD Catalyst

Does anyone know when AMD Eyefinity will have Linux support from AMD Catalyst? see quote from their website

"At present Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 support AMD Eyefinity technology. There are plans for Linux support in an upcoming update to AMD Catalyst™ software. There is no support for Windows® XP."

I have to run three 30" monitors in Linux and it seems AMD Eyefinity is best

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  1. What Linux distro are you using and are you using the current ATI drivers for Linux (or the stock drivers)? Also, what GPU (video card) are you using?
  2. I think this is the distro: KDE 3.3.1-17.el4_8.1 Red Hat

    I actually don't have an AMD graphics card yet. My present one is an outdated DC XEON. But I do want to get my new three 30" monitors working. I now have only 2 DVI ports but want to get the third monitor connected.

  3. Sounds like you are using one of the Fedora or RedHat distros, and an older one at that.

    Unless you must use that particular distro, I would suggest you check out Ubuntu Linux. Look at the LTS (Long Term Support) versions.

    Ubuntu does a good job of taking advantage of the ATI Proprietary drivers that are available for applicable GPUs.

    That being said, how are you using the system, with what apps, to need three 30" monitors? Also, what are the basic specs for the system you are using? Make sure you include the make/model of your motherboard and power supply.
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