Need help selecting a quality Mobo!!

So here is my previous mobo:

and after less than a year... it's in for RMA after freezing of SATA ports. So I'm steering clear of Biostar and I'm looking for a really quality mobo. After a ton of research I've come up with three:


The Gigabyte one has solid reviews, however doesn't have UEFI Bios and its SATA ports are at right angles to the board which might be difficult in my mid tower.


I've always loved asus but the reviews don't look that promising. I like the auto-tuning, UEFI Bios, and normal SATA ports though...


This one seems good too...

I've always heard Asus, Gigabyte, and Msi are the best quality boards, but after look at different ones, it seems like a crap-shoot as to whether people have alot of trouble with it or not... Please let me know your thoughts or any better suggestions, thanks!!

Also, I plan on running AMD Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition Deneb 3.6GHz as well as trying to OC and possibly unlock cores.
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  1. i'll admit to being an asus fan however on the gigabyte; there should be enough room between the motherboard tray and the hd cage in your case to allow you to plug on the sata cable and run them next to the hard drive cage.
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