Best gaming mobo for IB (IVY-Bridge

does anybody know of any plans by ASUS to come out with a rampage series board i heard those were the best for gaming in the SB era.
anybody give any recommendations
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: lol

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  1. when purchasing a mobo, you need to ask yourself what will you do with it in the future. what mobo perks do you need. how many sata 6x ports do you need(dependant on # of hdd/ssd you will have). how many spare pci slots do you need. how many pci express you need, single, dual, triple or quad and at what speed when in sli/crossfire. also choice on overclocking potential as well affects the board. In the end really, it all adds up to what you need on your mobo.

    edit: then you throw in other kinks like # of ram slots, ram frequency support, # of mobo fan pins(rest of the fans will have to connect to the psu, and depending on where its located, wires can get tricky to manage). Heat spreaders on parts etc
  2. the rampage series are socket 1366 (first gen of i7) or 2011 (sandy bridge-E) not socket 1155. really it wasn't the boards themselves as much as the processors they used.

    if your waiting for the ivy bridge-E it will be a long wait.

    when it comes down to it, for gaming, a Z77 does not perform any better than a Z68. an i5-2500K/Z68 combo still rocks.
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