Will this be able to play games max settings? Future proof?

I plan on building a new rig in August, and plan on spending no more than $1000 for upgrades.

my current rig is

Antec 900 case
asus p5k3 deluxe mobo
intel quad q6600
EVGA 275 gtx
4 gb of 1333 xms3 DDR3 Ram
windows xp
Fatility pro sound card
800 watt power supply
on a 1680x1050 monitor

The new rig I want to build

use the Antec 900 case
windows 7
evga p67 motherboard - not sure which one yet
EVGA 580
12gb of xms3 ddr3 ram
keep my fatility pro sound card
keep the 800 watt power supply
debating on buying a 1080p monitor due to the power the 580 can provide.

My main concern is. Does this rig seem future proof for at least 2 years to play games max settings?
Anything I might want to change?

I want to rock the socks off of Battlefield 3 :D!
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  1. i5 2500k for gaming and you should get 8 gigs for gaming or possibly 16, these boards are dual chan.
  2. If you're only gaming, like deoxide said i5 2500k. Save the $100 or more if you have a microcenter near you for pickup ($179.99 for i5-2500k) for something else.

    If the mobo you pick can sli & you plan on sli 2x 580s & getting a 2500k/2600k means you're going to OC the cpu too, 800watts will not be enough power for you. Will need 1000 watts either now or later, but will be more of a hassle later to swap out. If you don't plan to SLI, the 800watt psu is fine.

    If you don't plan on upgrading to 1920x1080 monitor, the system should have no problem running BF3 really smooth at 1600 x 1050/1600 x 900.
  3. First of all there is no such thing as future-proof, noone knows what will happen 2 years from now. For all we know no gaming rig on earth will be able to max out BF3 at release ( remember crysis?) My advice is not to go overkill with the hardware in the hopes of future-proofing, it simply does not make sense in an industry when technology progresses so fast.

    If I were you, and Im not, I would for now just replace the graphics card and try ocing the cpu. a decent quad core + a fast gpu should be ample horsepower for high end gaming for now and the near future. You will notice a huge performance increase. (of course you still need to replace your OS if you want to play BF3)

    If you want a more substantial upgrade, you will need to replace your cpu/mobo. as others have said, the 2500k is roughly as fast as the 2600k but $100 cheaper. The 2600k has hyperthreading, so it has a total of eight processor threads compared to the four that the 2500k. However, most current games will only use 2-4 threads, so there is no real performance increase. I believe BF3 will use eight threads though.

    As for ram, 4 GB is enough, 8 GB is plenty, and 12 GB is serious overkill. Games are still 32-bit, so they are very limited in how much RAM they can use. You will not see an fps increase by going with more than 4gb, though 8gb is probably worth it since ram is so cheap these days.
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