Nothing showing up on monitor

Hey everyone,

So I just upgraded my computers motherboard and processor but whenever i start up my computer, nothing happens on the monitor.

I know it is not the graphics card, power supply, or the monitor because they all worked before I put in these new things.

The LED light on the motherboard is not turning on.

Whenever I start up my computer I can hear a single beep.

I believe all the power cables are plugged in correctly.

At first, I tried using DDR2 ram in a DDR3 slot unknowingly, but I quickly replaced the DDR2 ram with DDR3 but it still doesnt work, even when i put it in a different RAM slot.

Not sure what would cause this, but I plugged in my Razer Death Adder mouse to see if the lights would turn on and it did, but my keyboard and headset did not work.

I am only using 1 stick of 4g DDR3 RAM.

I am using and

My power supply is 630 watts which should be enough.

I am only using one graphics card.

I tried using a different DVI cable and monitor just in case, still didn't work.

Anyone know whats happening? If you need more information just ask.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. Start with the link in my signature. You will be taken to the standard troubleshooting guide for "no boot" and "no display" concerns. Work through every step applicable, even if you've done it before. Don't skip. Also, try jsc's breadboarding guide at the bottom of the t/s guide.
  2. Hi, thank you for the tip, unfortunately after completing all the procedures my computer still is not working =/
  3. What were the PSU votlage reading from the multimeter?

    What is the series of beeps from the mobo speaker?
  4. Unfortunately, I do not own a multimeter.

    When I power on my computer, I can only hear a single beep, if that is what you are asking me for.
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