Wireless network inaccessible inexplicably

I disabled my antivirus on my XP Pro laptop and after a couple of days the wireless refuses to work at all.All drivers seem to be intact and other laptops can connect to the same connection. The AVG scan shows several files with broken signatures????
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  1. First, I would re-enable the anti-virus program immediately. Update to the current signatures and scan your system for malware. If you aren't using Malwarebytes, I suggest you go to malwarebytes.org and download, install, update, and scan with it to look for malware as well.

    If either identifies any threats, remove them.

    Now, does your version of AVG include a firewall function? If so, is it enabled? If not, are you using the XP included firewall? Hopefully, you aren't using both, that would be a bad thing.

    Please clarify. Good luck!
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