New CPU...bios?

Hi guys. Noob here. I just put in a phenom II x4 965. Had a athlon II x4 640 @ 3.0 before and mobo is a asus m4a77td.

I am wondering if there is anything I need to change or is recommended to change in bios?

Also wondering about temps...using the stock cooler it came with and stock speed @ 3.4 right now I'm at 33c - 35c in a cool basement and have not done anything except open this page. My old cpu would be running at like 16c right now also with the stock athlon cooler I was using which to me seems much crappier (at least crappier looking) although I've read the stock phenom coolers are also not great?

I had figured this chip would run a little hotter but I didn't think by this much and I havent even put any load on it. Would it be a good/bad idea to use my old cooler/get a new cooler or is this chip just naturally going to run twice as hot?
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  1. Different cpu will diffrent temperature, I think normal, stock ran at 34-35 idle, if you want more cool for better get new cooler than use stock cooler from athlon.
  2. So I started up tf2 and played for about 10 got loud as a truck, game froze, sound started going crazy. Alt tabbed right away to see weird pixels everywhere and before I panicked and shut down I noticed a message from toolbar. I think it said 'amd driver stopped responding recovered'

    Opened case, checked latches, ect. but nothing is loose....uggh
  3. Seem cooling athlons can't take over heat, not compabillity, and not secure properly,
    Soon get aftermarket cooler or use stock cooling 965 it will be safe.
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