I have intel pentium 4 3.0 ghz Pin type processor, now i need supporting Motherb

i have intel pentium 4 3.0 ghz Pin type processor, now can you suggest me supporting Motherboard for the same processor.
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  1. Is it socket 775 or socket 478?
  2. He did say it has pins on the processor, so I'd assume it's a Socket 478 model. Finding a motherboard that old is going to be difficult, all of them will be used, there aren't likely to be any in new or like new condition. I can only suggest trying some place like eBay to try and find one.

    Do keep in mind that you will also need all sorts of other obsolete hardware to complete such a build, like SDRAM or DDR RAM, an AGP video card, and odds are your Hard disks and optical drive will probably be IDE rather than SATA.

    Really, you're better off with a much newer system. Even the cheapest new system will outperform that old Pentium 4, and will be compatible with current hardware. With this Pentium 4 processor you will need to hunt down all sorts of obsolescent equipment to get a working system out of it.
  3. I agree with Supernova1138.
  4. Heck if you could find an OLD and I do mean OLD Intel® D865PERL board. This thing was discontinued over 6 years ago and I have still had people asking if they could get a replacement.

    Really you are better off looking to upgrade into a modern but low end system today then to try to build anything around something that old. I would be looking at a H61 chipset based board and a Intel® Pentium® G620 and I would get a lot more performance than you had in the past.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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